Sophie Auclair’s physical journey has taken her from small towns to metropolises across North America, including Montreal, New York, Toronto and Los Angeles, where she feeds her curiosity for individuals trapped in societies not always of their choosing. Her yearning to make sense of this world has translated into reporting on it for independent publications, for trade and news papers, and online for what was to be the first comprehensive French-Quebecois website devoted exclusively to culture.

Bilingual in French and in English, Sophie aspires to depict and understand the different worlds she’s inhabited in their own native language. Her work crosses the boundaries between cultural reporting, social critique and fictional endeavors, and her commentaries recognize the importance of history, politics and feminism, along with the post-modern permutations of film, fashion, photography and popular music. Sophie’s fiction takes the shape of satire and short stories, but mainly consists of poetic rhythms and explorations, and has been published in both languages in Canada. It is a universe not devoid of humor, where self-doubt and the brutal complications of sex and romance helplessly cohabit.

Passionate and engaged, loyal yet fierce, her writing aims to be as precise with words as with ideas and hopes to ask more questions than it could answer. It is a work that is willing, sometimes with difficulty, to accept the absurdity of a life impossible to fully grasp. Sophie is currently completing a first novel whose early drafts have been called brave and immersive. She’s making a digital foray into blogging by way of this website.

You are most welcome to enjoy the ride.